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Sta-rite Pool Heater Problem

Steve Mead

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I changed the blower motor and that seems to do the trick. They recommend changing the gas orifice on the blower that I got but I saw that after I got it all together again so I hope it's not a big deal. So it seems the blowers only last two years from my experience. I have two of these units. I would mention that these units do not work well with salt generators since they always put out large pieces of scale when you start up the heater and shorts out the cells. I had to add a bypass last year and switch to chlorine tablets when heating the pools. Thanks for all of your help and patience.

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I've had more than a few technicians from Sta-Rite come out to check this problem and everyone said the water was fine. Sta-rite talked me into switching to a cupro-nickle heater and that did not make a difference. Second time I started it up I had the same issue. I took the older one and installed it in one of my other pools that is not a "salt" pool and have never had the scale problem. I have a hayward on my third pool which is also a salt pool and have not had an issue with that one when firing up the heater. I have friends who have "salt" pools and have just installed the Pentair version of the same heater, so I will see if the same thing happens.

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I have a 400 series Sta-Right pool heater in the home I'm renting. Tried firing up the heater today for the 1st time. Temp showed 75 upon startup, pre-set temp was 85. Blower comes on and in about 30 seconds the gas ignites and then shuts off right away. Temp indicates 125 immediately then begins to drift down from there ever so slowly. Replaced the thermistor but did not solve the issue. Neither "service heater" or :service system" come on.

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