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Brown Ring Around Water Line On New Tub With Fresh Fill


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As stated I just got a brand new 2009 Sundance Optima and after filling it with well water and getting it up to temp I started to work on adding the starter chemicals.

According to the sheet I was given, the very first step was to add 8oz of Metal X. I did that and ran the jets for 20 minutes.

Next, I tested the water and the pH was somewhere well below 7.0 according to the taylor test kit. TA was also a bit low, close to 60. So I added chemicals to raise the TA and then to raise the pH but I think I over did it on the pH. After letting it sit for 20 minutes with the jets running the pH was now well over 8.0.

TA looked to be somewhere around 80-90 at this point. CH is around 50 if I did the test right. That seems low considering the water analysis of our well had hardness at 160mg/l.

So now I started adding dry acid to bring the pH back down. This is where I started to notice the nice rusty brown ring around the water line. I know from previous water testing of our well we have high magnesium levels 0.33mg/l and average iron levels 0.10mg/l.

From what I've read it looks like having the pH get so high is what may have triggered this but can anybody confirm this? And what can I do to stop this from constantly happening? Would adding more Metal X solve it? Or just keeping the pH in the right range? The poor cover for the ozone output is already all brown before we've ever set foot in the tub!

Thanks for any help.

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I just got my new 2009 Certa yesterday and filled the tub with water and put bleach to 50 ppm in it to get all the bugs out. I then drained it after a couple of hours and also noticed the brown/yellow ring at the water line. With a little scrubbing with a wash cloth it came off, almost seemed oily to me. I'm also curious what might be causing this. Is it maybe just left over oils and such from the manufacturing process or something?

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The gooey part is oils left from the factory, in the plastics ect. The brown is a reaction fro iron/manganese. Adding PH decreaser, an acid is "oxidizing" these metals causing them to show up. Metal remover will help, left it filter for a few days, then pull the filters and clean them really well. A pre filter on your next fill will also help a lot in removing these impurities

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