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Your Experience With Silver Nitrate Cartridge?

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QUESTION: Have you used metallic silver (silver nitrate) cartridges - like Nature2 - in your spa? If so, do you think they help reduce chlorine usage?

I'm relatively new to this forum. I joined because I want help with reducing chlorine usage and making my water last longer - hopefully in excess of three months. Based on the advice of Chem Geek and Nitro, I am now switching to the dichlor-then-bleach method and will see how it works for me.

I have a small 3 person Jacuzzi brand hot tub (about 250-300 gallons). My wife use it about 4 or 5 times per week. After about two months, the water seems to be hard to manage. I'm frequently adding pH+ non-chlorine shock. My test strips start showing weird colors. My water is now saturated with chemicals. It's time to change the water and start over. We're having a drought in California and I hate to waste a few hundred gallons of water every 2 or 3 months.

So ... what's your personal experience with silver cartridges ... do they really help reduce chlorine use?


- Simon

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I have used the silver cartridge with an ozanator and just bleach this summer and had the best water since we put in the tub 2 years ago. I change the cartridge as the seasons change. I have tried chlorine, bromine and MPS with limited success.

We are now happy with this system.

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