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Cyanuric Acid Test

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Once you get used to doing the cyanuric acid test, here is a way to do the test that will use less reagent.

01) Fill the comparator tube to the 4.5 ml line with pool water.

02) Add cyanuric acid reagent to the 9 ml line.

03) Cap and mix for 30 seconds.

04) Look into the tube to see if the dot is visible.

05) If the dot is not visible, shake out a little bit of water and look again.

06) Continue until dot is visible.

This way uses only 4.5 ml of reagent versus 7 ml of reagent. The Taylor test kit comes with 44.36 ml of reagent. Using 7 ml, you can do 6.337 tests. Using 4.5 ml, you can do 9.857 tests.

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