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Leslie's Fresh 'n Clear - What Is It?

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All the pool stores in my area have run out of liquid chlorine. I have been going through my shed and found some 1 lb bags of Leslie' Chlor Brite. I have been adding them as my CYA is fairly low (40) and I only have 4 bags. I found a 1lb bag of Leslie's Fresh 'n Clear. It is described ont their web site as:

Fresh 'N Clear is a new quick-dissolving, non-chlorine shock that makes your pool sparkle and leaves your water well... 'Fresh and Clear'. By eliminating organic contaminants it allows chlorine to work more effectively. And you can swim as soon as fifteen minutes after use.

What is it? Should I throw it in?

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It's potassium monopersulfate (MPS) otherwise known as non-chlorine shock. It is an oxidizer, but is not a fast-acting sanitizer. So you can't use it to substitute for chlorine if you let your chlorine get to zero though you can use it to supplement chlorine such as using it for shocking the pool that already has some chlorine in it.

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I have waterfall ponds (in conjunction with my pool) and they were covered in algae....my pool service "guy" ......dumped in 6 bags of Free and Clear....and then 2 bags of Calcium hypochlorite (yesterday).   I have been running the filter pump continuously for 24 hours and the water is clear.

Is it safe to swim in the pool.....it circulates up into the ponds that run over the waterfall back into the pool. (Phoenix....110 degrees outside)

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