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Need Info On Older Leisure Bay Unit

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By default, I'm a first-time spa owner.

I bought a house that included an older Leisure Bay hot tub. (BTW, what's the difference between a "spa" and a "hot tub"? Or is there one?) The sellers never really used it and it was there when they bought the house in 2002. They had no information on it which means no owners manual.

I found the model number label on the motor but can't make heads nor tails of the information. It's nearly identical to the current "Gibraltar" model except the canister filter is accessed from the top of the unit. The touch pad control has "Technology Smart" and "Precision Comfort Control" printed on it. It has touch pad type controls for Temperature (+/-), Jets, Light, and Turbo Air.

I emailed Leisure Bay about 3 weeks ago to see if they could provide me with an owner's manual. I guess they're not interested in helping me because I never got a response.

Can anyone here help me figure out the confusing model number label and/or tell me how I can get a copy of an owner's manual for this unit?

I cleaned it out (it's an outdoor installation-when I filled it, I dislocated a family of black ants from one of the jets!) and it seems to operate properly, but I don't want to do too much more until I have more infomation on it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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If you open the access panel, the main control box should have the model information. Mine says, "Ener-G-Smart G2-Pack 2-Pump System". My spa is the G2 model. Also, there is probably a grid of numbers and letters for the manufactured year and model number. Looks closely and you should still be able to see where the factory used a marker to indicate the year and model. You will probably have to wipe it clean gently to see the faint markings.

You can download the Owners Manual for your model here:



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