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Keep Getting F1 Code


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We've had our Sundance Chelsea for about a year. Unless the waterfall is on we get an F1 code. We've had the technician out several times and he's changed different things and nothing seems to stop this code. DH talked to him this morning and he said he talked to Sundance and they say to just keep the waterfall on. Tech says we shouldn't have to do that, so they say try turning on different jets. Huh? When we're in the tub we have the jets on, but unless the waterfall is on, we get the F1 code. Our concern is that the tub is going to be a year old and they're going to say that it's out of warranty. (Actually, I'm not really sure how long the warranty is.) Is the F1 code really a problem? We're not even sure about that. We just know that according to the book, it's not supposed to be there.

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Here's the owner's manual for the 2008 Chelsee model:


On page 29 it shows that "F1" indicates the spa is running the factory default 1 hour filtration cycle. It indicates this should run one 30-minute cycle every 12 hours.

If your spa is set to the F1 filtration option, and is activating more than once every 12 hours, there may be an issue with it's controls/brain. Or, if for some reason you have power fluctuations such that the spa temporarily loses power, it'll probably reset to the factory default F1 setting each time (which also means it'll start the cycles over again).

You might try using this Owner's Manual to change the filtration settings and see if the issue goes away.

If however the display shows "FL1" than this indicates a water flow problem. This may be due to a dirty filter that needs cleaned, or an older filter that simply needs replaced. This will primarily be whichever filter is being used for heat/circulation (such as if you have the optional circulation pump installed). The FL1 code could also mean there is a malfunctioning flow switch. (see page 39)

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the heater return line tees off after the flow sw. 1 side goes to the water fall and one to the heat/ozone jet in the bottom of the tub... my guess is that line to the heat/ozone jet is kinked or clogged, that jet has the curvy screen on the bottom of the spa, pop that guy off and see if it's clogged with leaves or something. If not that line has to have a kink in it somewhere. Your repair guy should have no problem fixing it... and your warranty is way longer that one year.

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The code is FL1 not F1 right?

Is there a clear 3/8 line going to a barb on the front of pump 2? If so... that line might need a restrictor in it to cut the flow down. clamp that line with pair of lock pliers and see if it stops the FL1 error. That line is supposed to draw water through that pump so it don't get cold. but, It could be the problem. If the FL1 stops with the pliers deal, restrict that flow down to like an 1/8 inch or under.

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