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Hi there to all SPA owners, what is the collective noun for SPA owners ? By the look of this knowledgeable forum I think a Parliament of SPA owners would suffice !

Just recovering from Halloween and Guy Fawkes night here in Scotland. Plenty of bonfires,Ghosts Skeletons and Witches running around. typical glasgow weekend really.

The SPA has not beeen used much recently. However with the nights becoming darker earlier around 1600 hrs, and the weather becoming colder and wetter here it always surprises me that when I do use the SPA especially at night that it still works and is lovely and warm. The beauty for me is when the lights are on and when the blue light is set and the radio is playing and the small waterfall is on. It is so relaxing to use especially after a hard days work and coming home to 3 screaming kids and a wife that looks like the Loch Ness monster all vying for your attention. P.S. she doesn`t know how to get into this site, Thank God !

My aim as I have previously described is to be able use the SPA at the stroke of midnight at Hogmanay(New Years Eve) and hopefully the snow will be falling. This sounds like an old fashioned film.

Here is the latest joke doing the rounds in our kids schools.

Wee boy goes into a pet shop and asks to buy a WASP !

Pet Shop owner tells him: We don`t sell WASPS but you can have a cat, rabbit, fish or a hamster !

Wee boy says : You are a liar mister because there is a WASP in the window !

All replies welcome


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