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Ants Under Hot Tub Cover!

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I emptied and refilled my hot tub this weekend. Today I opened the cover to get my water sample to take to the store to be tested and discovered a large colony of ants living in the corner of the hot tub rim. They immediately started scattering. I panicked and got out my Ortho Bug B Gone and sprayed the area. Some of the spray went into the water. Now I'm wondering do I need to empty and refill the hot tub again? Or will the filter get it out? When I called the place I bought the hot tub they couldn't really recommend one way or another. I hate to go through that whole process again if it's not necessary.

And about the ants, how do you prevent that from happening? Anyone else had problems with this?

Thanks for your help!

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Regarding the ants...next time just remove the cover for about an hour. The sunlight alone will make them move on to a different location.

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