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"milky Water" When Jets Turned On


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Interested after all the readings you suggested that dichlor/bleach method...I am a newby is Dichlor just chlorine powder and/or granules? Use it once at beginning of new fill then just bleach?

Dichlor is Chlorine Granules. It is Chlorine with a stabilizer (CYA). CYA is like a Chlorine buffer. It is needed in your tub before you start using bleach. Otherwise the bleach would be too strong. The recomendation is to use Dichlor for about the first week to build up the CYA to 20-30 ppm. Then switch to regular Clorox unscented bleach until your next refill.

For every 10 ppm FC you add with Dichlor, you're adding 9 ppm CYA. So that means you need to add around 25 ppm FC before you switch to bleach. In a 350 gal tub that's ~2 oz. So after you add a total of 2 oz of Dichlor to your tub, switch to using bleach.

Does that make sense?

Yes, makes sense thanks...also one last thing on the milky water that may help some people with the same problem...apparently (but I won't know for sure until I refill and begin again with chlorine) another "hot tub veteran" told me he knew exactly what caused all this in the first place...bromine holding and bonding with so much oxygen that any jets turned on (and water getting older...4 months now but it started about 3 months) you get the milky water when jets on and perfectly clear a minute or two after jets off. I asked if it would happen with chlorine and he said no way, has only seen that problem in bromine tubs...so for whatever it worth.....just sealed the deal with me to switch to chlorine. thanks everyone for your help. will chime in again after the refill if there are any problems and the milky water shows up again...

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I have the exact same problem. Spa water clear and is clear when all the jets are opened up but as soon as I turn the air-jets on the water turns like MILK. When I initially change my spa water every few months, I turn on the air-jets and the only WHITE water is out of the jets (air introduced is why). But when I turn the air jets off then the water turns clear 15 to 30 seconds later. Now the MILKY WHITE water is again a problem when air-jets are turned on. Balances all fine. I use clorinated sanitizing granules. I have NO foam issues either. I just keep using the spa with air-jets OFF.

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