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Cloudy Water From Too Much Scent & Softener?


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I had to drain and refill my tub after only three weeks. I attribute it to too much softener and scent stuff. Has anyone else had this problem?

What's good to use to soften the water so your skin doesn't get so dry, especially in the winter?

Are the inSPArations products OK?

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Most of the spa scents will cause cloudy water. If you can find the ones that are natural, they do so less Being products are not bad) If you are going to use them, you may need to add a weekly all natural clarifier such as Sea Klear and clean your filters well every week.

Some sanitizing systems such as Nature 2 are also less drying to the skin. There are some "enzyme" based products that are suppose to help also, but we have not had good luck with the ones we have tried. A shower and lotion after spa use helps many also.

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InSpaRation scents have caused foaming for me in the past, so I switched to

crystals like Spazzaz. The aromas aren't as good, but there's zero foam.

I do use Sea Klear once a week or so, and the water is very clear still.

The crystals have softening salts which do make a difference to how my skin feels when I get out.

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