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How Many Amps Does My Spa Really Pull


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This is my spa specs

I am making sure my garage, which does have 240 service, also has enough amps.

Well lets see, and someone can put better numbers to this but, 2-2.5 HP motor and a 5.5KW heater. And I am also speculating on the true HP of the motor but I think about half the BHP is true HP, I think that is a very decietful way of advertising pumps. But anyway, with 2 of those motors and the heater you should be at about slightly less than 50 but for the cost difference I would use a 60 amp breaker. The motor plates themselves have max draw numbers on them.

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Hi guys wondered if I could get some help please, I have a intex pure spa octagonal hot tub , and I'm thinking of wiring a outdoor socket direct from cu to double outdoor socket so I can plug in my hot tub , what size circuit breaker I use and what size swa cable would be sufficient for this job , the hot tub is 33 mtrs from house .many thanks Paul

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Use power over voltage calculation.


Power= 4kW or 4000watts

Divided by

Voltage = 220V

= 18.18A 

So you basically can rate the breaker for 20A 

To answer the question above.. they see 36A running... yes this might be correct but there is something called "in rush current". This is a spike in voltage and amperage when first turned on.  It's like your car... whey you first fire it up... the rpms are high... then it goes back to a normal idle.. :) 

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