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Why Bother


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Why even bother answering this mans posts. All it does is feed his ego. Many times if you ignore a pest he will go away. Whenever he posts, the best reply would be a link to the selberg site of any other link that exposes him to the uninitiated and leave it at that. I for one will start at once.

As for the moderators of this forum, please realize the damage this man does to our industry and remove him from this forum.

Thank You


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No. I got a note saying he was banned from another board - I thought it was this one.

My mistake.

The moderators here don't seem to care at all.

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The moderators have heard you -

I think we can relax finally.


Chas, you might try praying to God about your life.

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Chas, you might try praying to God about your life.

I dunno Jim... Does YOUR God promote assaulting others, not meeting your financial obligations with your banks, threatening people with bodily harm and lawsuits, calling people every swear word in the book, and the list goes on and on? :wacko:

You could take some serious lessons from Chas and others in how to treat to people and maybe you should start praying to THEIR God instead of yours...

It's hypocritical to use the name of God when you feel the urge only to become this ugly, hateful person with a violent temper and criminal past. Only sick people use it as a crutch or something to hide behind and it's very sad that you are one of those people...

You need a soul Jim and there's no use in praying until you find it...

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Chas, you might try praying to God about your life.

QUOTE(Jim_The_Jim @ Aug 27 2006, 04:20 PM)

Waterbare er; You might want to get some manners, also.

Jim the jim wrote in another post--

"If you remove even a small amount of the bull **** from your ego, you can use a h*** of a lot more of what God has given you. It is the ego and the emotions, the limited self, that limit awareness. If you want to have objective reasoning, you have to get rid of "your small self". The small self is the baby that gets hurt by other people, that reacts to people like me, provoking you to do better. The small self has no understanding of any of the broader understandings of the underlying energy behind creation. It sees nothing but limitations and thus suffering. There is your clues. Start seeking the truth, and by golly God will help you.

If you understand the basis of life, then the rest is easy, becasue all things come out of that foundation.

There is no secret of the universe. It is the most obvious thing there is, once you get rid of the s*** in your eyes.

S*** in your eyes = limiting thoughts of yourself, like who you believe yourself to be. Seeing high and low, when there is no high and low. It is all a creation of ignorance and fear. Putting things in "boxes" because it makes you feel secure to have those little boxes to put things in. Seeing others as being "different" than yourself, because you are so small and weak inside that you have to find ways to equalize yourself.

Most of what people belive is pure bull s***. The rest is a muddled truth that tries to get into your brain.

At times everybody is given chances to grow and find the truth. Those that are "too smart" to grow are the ones who suffer the most when they should be letting go of the bull s***. On the other side of ignorance is a better life. The bull s*** is extremely powerful, because it is what you believe yourself to be.

Seek the truth. "

In the intrest of manners, maybe we should refrane from using vulgarity and God in the same paragraph.

QUOTE(Jim_The_Jim @ Aug 27 2006, 04:20 PM)

Waterbare er; You might want to get some manners, also.

Jim the jim wrote in "I want my name back" post.

"How about a more fitting title; "Steve the Wife Insulter"

or "Steve the S*** Head"

Or "Dumb*** Steve"

Or "NO Mannors Steve"

Or "S.F. Brains Steve""

Again, in the intrest of manners, we may want to restrain our impulse to resort to grade school name calling

(Edited for content by Tumbleweed)

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