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Guy Builds Own Hot Tub On The Cheap


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I am only posting this for fun, personally I think the guy is crazy, but you have to hand it to him for creativity and he did do a good job building it. I bet its not very sanitary though.

Poor Man's Hot Tub

I got the idea for this hot tub from this pic I found online.

I used a 300 Gallon Rubbermaid Stock Tank from

Tractor Supply. It's used for watering livestock and cost

about $100.

I bought a real Spa heater with electronic controller on

Ebay for about $250. It controls a $30 pump from

Harbor Freight.

I get bubbles from a portable bathtub spa from Walmart


I keep the heat in with an inflatable mattress( Ordered it

online for around $15) and some insulation from Lowes($20)

wrapped around the outside.

Add some pvc pipe, a wooden box to house it all, throw

in some chemicals and you get a pretty descent little spa

for less than $500.

It will keep the water around 102 degrees.



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A friend lives off the grid, he had one of those galvanized steel troughs, you can get at feed stores, it makes a nice one person tub. Anyway, he put it up on some cement blocks and built a fire under it, when it was up to temperature, he'd put the fire out and have a soak.

The steel rusted after a few years, so he got another trough. The new ones have a glued seam rather than a soldered one. The first time he used the new trough, the seam melted and the water put the fire out.


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A true Hillbilly Hot Tub :lol:

We also have a customer that is off the grid. They built a spa with cement blocks that were sealed with some sort of special paint. They have a snorkle stove and they actually put in a makeshilft filtering system and 6 gunite jets. The pump is solar powered. They came back and forth with drawings of what they wanted to so and we got them the parts they needed. We have not yet seen the finished product, I hope they bring in pictures......maybe the cement blocks did not fair well??

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Probably costs less than $300 a month to heat :D

If he got a better controller more jets and a good pump.. and insulated the tub with sprayfoam,, it wouldnt be half bad..

Kind of like a Master Spa. :lol:

It looks like he has a regular hot tub cover, that must have cost him a couple of hunded dollars.........or maybe he made his own somehow........???

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