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We have shopped for a new spa for a couple of months. Having relocated from the CA desert to Northern Utah, we are concerned about the cost of heating through the winter. Decided to put new spa in garage - doesn't sound too exciting except we chose an area, did fresh cloud looking paint job and leveled the floor.

Determined what was needed in electrical - even though my husband is not an electrician, he has electrical savvy. So we were ready to make a decision.

This past Saturday afternoon we hooked up our Costco Snowbear trailer, purchased the spa, shipping and receiving loaded the spa (perfect fit in the trailer), tied it down and drove off. Stopped at the local rescue mission and picked out three heavy muscled men and took them home with us. They slid the spa onto the ground then onto two furniture dollies - wheeled into garage and transferred to leveled floor.

Filled with water Sunday and probably 12 hours later had 100 degree spa ready to go.

By the way, having visited this website we had already downloaded the manuals (1 for spa 1 for entertainment center) so we knew what we were doing ahead of time.

We had two issues - 1) message on LED panel indicated a misconnection on the circuit board. A little irritating to lay on the garage floor with a magnifying glass to find the probem - probably took all of 5 minutes; 2) traced small water leak, used plastic pipe dope on it.

There was a spa manul with the but not for the entertainment center (already had one, anyway).

Spa works great. Three years ago we bought a portable Voyager spa at costco.com. Worked fine for a little portable, but was starting to cost us some money.

All the difference in the world.

Guess we're just Costco junkies. :rolleyes:

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Costco has the greatest return policy. They obviously get took many times by selfish members.

We will be able to compare power bills with last years, starting this month as we have been here a year.

Congrat's on the new spa. If you need to add insulation it's not a big deal. I added insulation to my Platinum 1 by using John Mansville " Comfort Therm" plastic enclosed fiberglass bats and a little velcro. I now have operating costs comparable to my neighbors full foamed Marquis and still have easy access for service. I'm comming up on the socond year anniversary with mine and am still very happy with it.


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by chance can you explain <mepat> what features and setting it has so far as blower , speeds and lighting and if you like them or not

It has a recirculation pump (1/15 hp) that runs 24/7 and circulates water through the heaterr and filter. There are also two jet pumps that pump water through a lot of jets around the sides and bottom. The jet1 pump is a two-speed pump and the jet2 pump only runs at one speed. There is an air blower that blows air through a lot of nozzles around the seats. The Jet1 pump also pumps water through a 'waterfall' which is just a slot on one slide that water goes through to make a pleasant sound. There is also an 'aromatherapy' thing that makes the water smell good or something but we have never wanted to use that. They gave us an aromatherapy cartridge that we never put in. There is a radio/cd player with two pop-up speakers and a subwoofer speaker built into the enclosure. We love the radio/cd player and it has a remote keypad that lets you change tracks and/or stations while you are in the tub. It also plays mp3s if they are on a cd disk which is nice. The hot tub operating controls are in a different little control panel on the top of the tub with simple buttons to turn on the jet1, jet2, and blower. A fourth button turns on an LED light in the bottom which is cool because it changes color while on through a range of colors. YOu can also stop the color change if you want. The control panel also has a digital temperature display that shows you the temperature the tub is at and the temperature that you have requested. There are up and down arrows to change the temperature. There is also a mode buttom to change the control operating mode from normal to 'economoy' (runs heater 4 hours out of 24) or 'sleep' (only runs heater when temp drops 20Fbelow set temperature. Normally, we keep our tub in the economy mode which turns on the tub heater an hour before we normally use it.

We like all of the features except for the waterfall which isn't that great a thing but we leave it on att a low flow.

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