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  1. We took delivery of our Nautilus in November 2012. Made our choice after wet testing HS Grandee (floated in seats), Sundance Optima (wife didn't like), and a Caldera. Couldn't be happier with it. So many options with all the different seats. You also got a great price. Enjoy!
  2. No tub yet but will be consulting with my dealer on water treatment.
  3. Spawn - I've read many of your comments over the past few weeks and your D1 ownership has been helpful with our decision to purchase a D1 spa. Thank you. As all new spa owners, we very much look forward to the relaxing times in the tub. Packman - great to hear you are happy with the Nautilus after only wet testing the Chairman like us. Everybody says "wet test the same model" but that isn't always possible. Our dealer has two locations and both had only the Chairman wet. The lounge of the Chairman fit me but was too long for her. And the sequencer seemed more gimmick and complexity than I needed. I like the different options the foot dome provides in the Nautilus too. Mark
  4. After many hours of research on this site and "the other" spa site, wet testing HS Grandee, Sundance Optima, Caldera Salena and D1 Chairman, talking to 8 different dealers, we purchased a D1 Nautilus today (our first hot tub) as it fit us both best with its' his and her corner seats. I'm 6'3", she's 5'7" and found the same seats in the Chairman to fit us best of the 4 tubs we wet tested. All dealers are different and must say we were most satisfied with these particular HS and D1 dealers with their long years selling their brands and professional selling skills. The tub is available now but the deck and tub pad must be built. I hope to be soaking before Halloween, just in time for the long, cold and white winters here in NH. Thanks to all for their contributions to this site that ultimately helped us with our decision. I'm sure i will be back to this site many more times researching water care advice.
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