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  1. Problem solved. it was the stupid plug as you said, just barely plugged into the circuit board and not noticeable until I manually removed and replugged them in.
  2. The old heater was working fine but it had a slow leak on one end so I just decided to replace it
  3. I am really hoping someone with knowledge can help me. I recently replaced the heater on my 2012 Limelight Pulse hot tub, however the water is not being heated at all and I am trying to figure out why. Some things to note: The "POWER" on the control panel is solid, the "READY" is always flashing. On the circuit board, the "Limit OK" is solid green, the "Pwr On" is flashing green, the "HTR ON" is never lit. I tested voltage on the circuit board where the heater white and black wires are plugging into and there is no voltage detected at all. So apparently no power is going to the heater? The circulation pump and regular pumps are all working as normal. It can circulate water just fine. While I was replacing the heater, I also installed a Spa Ozonator Kit. I read about possible "air lock" bubbles causing the water not to heat, but that seems unrelated to my issue if there is no power detected to the heater. Am I wrong? would air lock cause the power TO the heater to cut off? Seems unlikely. Both of the GFCI power switches in the power box to the hot tub are normal and not tripping. So since the "HTR ON" light is never on, and there is apparently no voltage being sent to the heater, I am wondering if a relay or a switch of some sort has tripped that supplies power to the heater? I am aware of a "Hi limit" sensor that can trip but have been told it resets when the power is off for 15 min which I have done many times. I have also removed the filters as suggested in another post. Please help!
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