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  1. Thanks again for the suggestions and assistance! I will test the voltages from the right terminal blocks. The capacitors are ok (no sign of leaking/bulging). I also don't see any signs of burnt components on the front of the board, so I guess, as you suggested, it's time to remove the board for a closer inspection. It might takes a few days to check it out as it's a pain in the rear end to access the panel (hot tub "sunken" in a sunroom, hence I need to dismantle a portion of the floor to access the panel). BTW don't shoot the messenger about having a hot tub in a sun room...it was there when we bought the house... My location is updated...only 500kms away! Thanks again!
  2. 7PM update... - Fuse F4 is fine - input lines redone, tightened and solid. rechecked all voltages and still on par. - re-energized the main breaker... status quo. (backlight of topside works, non working buttons or led display, CR12 still lights up. Any other suggestions/advice?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I will check F4 first (now that I can see it...) . As for the inputs, although they may look not all the way in, did register properly when I checked them last night. I haven't touched the leads since I've moved back in 2015 and I never had this issue happen before. I will confirm that they are OK. ...more at 11...
  4. Actually I did not! Err...where is it? I only see the F3 glass fuse. I do not see an F4 fuse...
  5. Hi everyone, hope someone can help...I've seen lots of knowledgeable ppl here, so I'll try my shot. I have a 2006 Manhattan 42 jet (RNM42) hot tub with Gecko Pack (model SC-CF-P122-P212-O1-AU11-H4.0-U-RL-JJC-NE-CC5). Motherboard is a 9911-5001985. The topside is the vintage 4-button one like this: https://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2021_06/20210628_090627-01.jpeg.d98d6549d73ed6e589a573b91e0f3228.jpeg Sooooo...After a planned lengthy power failure yesterday, the hot tub started up, but wife heard very odd and strange noises. I finally got a chance to look at it tonight and the display is blank. no buttons work, but led backlight on the topside is working. So here's the troubleshooting that I've done: 1) opened pack to look at the motherboard 2) checked input voltages (all good 120V/240V as it should) 3) checked all 3 fuses: they are good 4) Disconnected topside from motherboard to see if the pumps would start: nope! 5) Disconnected temp sensor if it would make a difference: nope! 6) When there's power to the SPA, there is one LED lit on the motherboard...looks like it is CR12 7) I didn't see any visual damage to any components on the board ...and now I'm stuck... I cannot seem to find any information about the motherboard per se. I found the troubleshooting guide and according to it, it states: change the motherboard, which, obviously no longer exists. I rather try to repair the existing board then get a replacement one. Speaking of which, according to the geckodepot website, I couldn't find my board and options as per the replacement kit (closest I found was the same model except CC7 instead of CC5...IMHO that's close enough!) If I take the CC7, then the new board is 0610-300004. I have no clue how much it costs, but i'm expecting it'll be a swift kick in the... Any tips, suggestions ideas before potentially looking at replacing the board? Thanks all!
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