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  1. Hi, sorry for delay. Setup is fine it's set to s06
  2. Ok, So looking at the table that you posted, I should have setup 6 due to having no extender board and pump 1 has two speeds. Does that make sense?
  3. I've not changed anything with the setup since we bought it in 2021, This issue has only started recently. Would settings change?
  4. Bit more info, Pump is 2 speed works fine both speeds when startup. Circulation speed works with heater and will continue to work until I use the hot tub for 2+ hours with Jets on. After this the circulation speed does not work but the jets do. Circulation speed only works if I leave it for an hour. Would this be pump over heating?
  5. Sorry if I wasn't clear, the reason I'm getting low flow error is that pump speed one stops working if I have been running pump speed 2(fast jets)for a few hours. I'm asking has anyone seen this with the Koller pump or the Balboa setup that I have?
  6. Hi, I have been having a issue with my tub not heating overnight with a error low flo heat, When I press the jet to start it comes on in the morning. The other night we had been in for couple of hours with high speed jet and noticed the low speed would not come on to do heat circulation, I find it wierd that the high speed works but the low speed doesn't. I bought a new fuse for F6 thinking that had blown( my meter was at work so couldn't test) but when I tested later the fuse was OK. I ran it last night without using highspeed jet and it was ok this morning. The hot tub is PP3( generic name i think) with a Balboa BP200UX controller and a Koller pump ( see pics) I have not changed anything on the dip switches.
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