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  1. I am setting up an artic spa bandit GP manufacture date 03/11. Onzen system. Just filled it up not too long ago for the first time after being out of service for many years. Currently the pH is high (~8) and salt is a little high (3000ppm) and I working on brining them both down by diluting and pH down chemical. After 48 hours I have no sign of free chlorine and I am concerned the onzen system isn't working. I have seen bubbles/smoke from the anode, but I want to confirm by running a sanitizer production test as outlined in the onzen technical manuals (attached). Problem is the menus for my tub seem different. I can't get to the screen to show sett - it only flips through FF and FD... I assume because I have any older version. I have FF set to 4 (highest possible setting) and FD set to 2 (highest possible setting). Any insights are helpful - thanks very much! Onzen-Manual.pdf
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