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  1. Can anyone recommend a good filter cleaner. I was told only rince filters with cold water but since found out they need to soak 12/24hr in cleaning solution any tips welcome. I have bought a second set of filters
  2. Had family over for small party I noticed the next day my hot tub water milky also lots of bubbles. I've cleaned the filters done a chlorine shock I'm now 4hr in still milky. Does this take time or better drain and refill. Or any fixes. I've had hot tub now 2 week and kept water clear till last night. One family member had makup
  3. Thanks for info I'm finding pH level are a lot better now and general alkalinity is OK. So has to be the ozonator pulling the chlorene level down so I let ozonator do its job and add chlorene twice a week. The ozonator alone cleans the water ok
  4. Yea I'll try get to the bottom of it maybe the ozonator has a factory setting but who knows. Anyway two week ownership used everyday..... I'll update when I know more cheers for the input
  5. I kinda understand that if temp drops the hater kicks in and circulation pump starts but I notice it on when temp light off maybe your right. But would expect main dealer to have all the operating info instead of i don't know or I'm not sure but thanks for reply
  6. I have an oasis rx170s hot tub with 3hp pump for jets. Also circulation pump for filter cycle and waterfall. I've notice the circulation pump running and waterfall on even when not in filter clean cycle. How often should the circulation pump run apart from heating water or filter cycle please note not the main jet pump just circulation pump. It seems strange to open the lid and see waterfall in operation sometimes just curious if this is normal. My dealer says its the ozonator working. I thought that only work during filter cycle I can't find any operating times in manual
  7. Update I've just read if a hot tub has an ozonator it will lower the chlorene levels hence when I balance my chlorene at evening by the next day my chlorene levels reading very low according to the article the low readings are normal due to the ozone breaking down the chlorine. Not 100percent sure this is true but sounds reasonable. Article says use less chlorine than normal as the ozonator is cleaning most of the water
  8. Hi I'm using aquasparkle stabilised chlorene granules. Contains dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate. Plus just set up filter cycle twice per day at 2hr at a time previous was only once for one hour although we do use the hot tub daily so not sure if normal use and filter cycle are doing the same thing. But huge thanks for replies I'll keep posting with any updates
  9. Is hot tub shock just a large dose of chlorine or separate chemical. First week hot tub owner
  10. Can i use my hot tub if its in a filter cleaning cycle or wait till its finished
  11. Is hot tub shock just a large dose of chlorine or separate chemical. First week hot tub owner
  12. Do ozonator drop chlorene levels faster than normal. I'm having to put approx 1 and half cap of chlorene per day also topping up the pH level daily. I've had my hot tub one week so doubt the water is dirty. I live in soft water area. My tub rx170s 600ltr
  13. I use the tub daily for an hour. I test pH and chlorene after use I get both to correct levels but next day both are way down. It could be the ozonator is Is breaking down chlorene and pH ill do more research as to how ozonator reacts with chlorene and pH. Thanks for the input. I was told to get an i care water monitor but these are around 500pounds.ill update as soon as I have more info. Thanks for all input
  14. Thanks yes it has a ozonator so I'll keep on top of pH first is that correct
  15. I have a new oasis rx170s hot tub. Issue I have chlorine level needs daily top up I'm 5 days in and used around 6caps of chlorine. I also need top up the pH up almost everyday I live in a soft to medium water area any advise welcome. Maybe it's a daily top up rqd I was told from suppliers chlorine needed once per week. The hot tub has built in insonater
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