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  1. Yep that's right. Sucks it was dead out of the box basically.
  2. Wiring was all right - three of us checked it multiple times and it was correct. Service guy came out, pump 1 is overheating. He said that even at 15 minutes in it was so hot that he couldn't touched it. So now we are waiting on a replacement pump for our brand new hot tub... Pump 2 has zero issues and can run for awhile. He took a look at the wiring too and confirmed it wasn't it.
  3. Just received our Hot Spring Flair on Friday, wired it up that evening and began the whole setup. Unfortunately pump 1 will turn on for about an hour, then turns off (it still shows low and/or high depending on which setting it was on). If you try to turn it on again, you can hear the 'click' from the board, but that's it. It doesn't turn on. If we wait like 1-2 hours, it suddenly works again for another hour, then again does the same thing. We are waiting on the company we bought from to come out this week, but in the mean time we were looking into it more. They claimed it is likely wired wrong, but 3 of us have gone over the wiring multiple times and it is fine. Pump 2 works fine and will continue to run as long as you let it, and the heater kicks on just fine (though right now it is 4 degrees over what we have it set to, but I think that may be due to the fact it's almost 100 here..). So, any thoughts on what it could possibly be? It's almost like it's getting too hot (hot tub is set to 100, but is 104-105) and then cuts out and has to 'cool down' the pump to turn on, or maybe some other sensor is bad. Or maybe they are right and we wired something wrong.
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