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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to @Spa Shop Rotorua and @RDspaguy for the help and advice - leak appears to be fixed
  2. Thanks all - @Spa Shop Rotorua's approach was my original plan but it's really tight round the back of the filter and I can't get in there from the top to clear the old silicone out, as you can hopefully see from the attached photo. I'll try and get as much out from the underside as possible. I was going to get it as clean as possible and try an o-ring on the top, between the canister and the shell... would it be worth siliconing it as well, or is that a terrible idea? Thanks for all the help, it's much appreciated
  3. That's excellent, thanks. I haven't seen any cracks but will check again. Should a filter canister like this have an o-ring or gasket then? This one certainly didn't when I got it apart, just a ton of silicone. If a gasket or o-ring is preferable what sort of thing should I be looking for? Maybe something like this - https://waterwayparts.com/-711-8010/ - or would a simple o-ring be better assuming I can find one?
  4. Hi all... we've recently moved house and inherited our first hot tub. This has a slow leak from the top of the filter which I believe is a Waterway Dyna-Flo Skim filter like this: https://www.poolandhottubdepot.com/waterway-dyna-flo-top-mount-skim-filter-canister-complete/ As far as I can see I just need to remove this, clean out the old silicone and then re-seal it with fresh. I was hoping to be able to remove the fittings at the base but it looks like these are glued in - see attached photos. Are these glued? If so is there any way to remove them without breaking anything? If not then I was thinking of cutting the hoses a couple of inches away from the fittings which would hopefully let me lift the filter unit far enough to be able to clear out the old silicone and replace it, and then splice the hoses again with couplers... does that sounds like a valid approach? If anyone has any other ideas that would be great Thanks!
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