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  1. need contractor in Chino Hills CA

    Tony, i'd like to hear what you have to say as well...i'm looking to have apool built in the next couple of months and will probably make my final decision in a week or two Jenniffer...i'm leanign towards malins, can you tell me about the experience? who was the salesperson you dealt with? if you guys can, i'd appreciate a response at qwikstang00@yahoo.com thanks, robert
  2. I live in Eastern LA County/Riverside County area, near Pomona, CA and am looking for a reputable pool builder. So far Malins out of Chino is the front runner with repect to our comfort level and their reputation, I have looked into Blue Fountain in Chino...but that was before talking to a buddy from work who used them two years ago and said they're great if you want to get home and yell at them for a few hours each day! I would also consider hiring subs direct if I could find reputable ones. The hard thing to find is an excavator, and someone to install the steel, electrical, and plumbing... I did find a company called Long Swimming Pool Steel out of Anaheim that sounded great...they do all the excavation, plumbing, steel basket, and electrical...they basically get you ready for gunite. but they wouldn't return my call for two weeks then wanted $300 just to quote me a price based off a drawing I already had! We are not looking for anything fancy. any help would be appreciated.