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  1. Wanted to add on to this. I also purchased 1/2 by 3/4 silicone tubing from the brewing supplier that OP mentioned and when measuring the pervious tubing it came out to 8-5/8" so I cut both tubes to that length and ground the two flats to the same size as the origional. A flap disc on an angle grinder worked best for me. The origional flats measured around .610"-.615". I kept my tolerance around +/- .005. Installing the tubing was indeed tricky due to the large wall thickness but with some heat and elbo grease I was able to install it all back together. When screwing the hoses back in I made sure that they were both sticking out the same length. Once everything was installed I started it back up and it still did not want to move. While messing around I got it to a position where it finally did start moving but eventually I went back, disassembled the entire unit again. This time I had cut the tubing EXACTLY at 9" and did not grind any flats, installed it, and viola! The MM was working better than before. I think that missing bit of length was the issue as before it didn't create that "snap" when the hose flexed from one side of the wall to the other and as for as I'm aware so far the flat spots are not needed? I am still facing an issue where most of my jets need to be closed for the moto massage to work. Fingers crossed I don't think it's an issue with using an aftermarket silicone hose but instead an issue with water pressure. I don't think it's air pressure because I have blow out the air line with a compressor from both the MM end and the air control end and ran the MM with the air control valve off and still behaved like before. I have also tried running it with the filters removed. No luck. My best guess seeing as this is a 2013 Jetsetter is that the wear ring is worn and since I have rebuilt the entire wet end except for replacing the wear ring I think that's a good place to start. Anyone else have any ideas what might be causing the issue?
  2. Thank you. It worked out perfectly. One last question. While dremeling out one of the old jets, the cutoff disk must have slightly touched the shell and now there is a very small less than a 1/4 inch crack in the shell by the jet. What is the best method to patch this up? Here is a video of the leak. https://youtu.be/iTib0pEr5O0
  3. Had to replace jets on a 2013 Jetsetter. Cut the old tube and now I need to find the best way to attach a new 3/4 flex pvc tube to the old one. Problem is some of the old tubing does not create a friction fit only a loose fit. Will Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue join these two successfully? Or do I need a brab to brab adaptor? Trying to stay with the coupling instead of a brab since it won't restrict flow. https://youtu.be/xsVhdvqYZ74
  4. Thank you. Would you reccomend plumbing it back to how it was stock or changing the reducer to be a 1/2 barb instead of a 1/2 slip fitting? I feel like I remember the spa guy saying something about how the slip fittings were prone to failure or something like that and he just used barbs whenever he could.
  5. Do you know if 2013 Jetsetter uses conventional 3/4 flexible pvc tubing for the jets? I measured the OEM to be: Flexible pvc hose measures ~.840" O.D. ~.650 I.D. The reducer measures 1.125" O.D. ~.840" I.D. I can only find 3/4" flexible pvc hoses online and not 5/8" like I measured. Also I can't find the same reducer that it used inside the jet body(I believe it's 1-1/8" spigot to 7/8" slip). I purchased new jet bodies but I believe it will have the same opening as the origional. Any ideas?
  6. Did some more investigating and turns out basically all jet bodies are leaking. I already bought all the necessary jets now I just need to figure out how to remove the old ones. Is there a way I can just cutoff the nut at the back to easily remove the jet? Otherwise it is going to be very difficult for me to get in there with a wrench or channel locks to undo that nut. Edit: I ended up heating and cutting out the jets since they were basically glued on with the foam.
  7. 2013 Jetsetter. Found 1 out of 2 leaks. Turns out to be the lower jet gasket. What is the best way to repair this? Replace the whole jet body with gasket? Replace only the gasket? Use BOSS 801 silicone to seal in place of the gasket? https://youtu.be/uj8xW0yY6MI
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