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  1. It was used, and in the persons garage not hooked up to power. You sure that is the temperature sensor? I am not the most handy person, any links to where they show people replacing them that you can recommend? I am not sure what you mean by seal and replace/reposition it. The drain is a single hose with a screw cap on it. THANKS FOR THE RESPONSE! Matt
  2. After YEARS of my wife begging me to get a hot tub I finally caved. I got a 2019 Sundance Bristol 780. After getting everything all setup and having the electrician run the panel, I ran the tub for about 5 hours to get the temp up. Issue #1 After 5 hours the tub turned off and I got a SN--2 “WATER SENSOR ERROR”. Tried a bunch of trouble shooting that I found online, nothing worked and now I have a "Watchdog call for service" warning. Issue #2 One of the troubleshooting ideas was the "burp" the tub by opening the drain valve hose. I did that, let the water drain for a little and then closed it back up. However, now the water is leaking under the cap on the drain hose. Even though it is tightened all the way. Any of you Hot Tub Gurus have any tips or guidance for either issue above? Thanks, Matt
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