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  1. I have a Hot Springs Sovereign II tub that is giving me some trouble. A new no-fault heater was installed in May while the tub was empty. When I filled the tub up, the heater worked perfectly. We shut the tub off for a few months and drained it because our dogs ate the cover for it and I didn't want to waste electricity running the heater without having a cover for it. The new cover showed up and I refilled the tub through the gray filter line in the filter cabinet. When I turned the power on to the tub, everything appeared to be functioning except the heater. The circulation pump is functioning and the red "HTR ON" and green "LIM OK" light in the IQ control box are illuminated. On the heater relay board, the light labeled D10 is solid green but D9 is flashing. I have shut off the breakers and tried to do a reset but every time power is turned back on, D9 immediately starts flashing. I inspected the heater relay circuit board (installed in June 2021) and it doesn't show signs of heat or damage on the front. I pulled it out and looked at the back and it also appears to be in good shape with no signs of heat or damage. Is there anyone who could give me an idea of what to look for or what the D9 light indicates? Thank you for your help!!
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