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  1. Congrats you were able to get the pump union loose. I too have the same problem. I have to replace a dripping Gate Valve and have tried everything. Two different wrenches as shown here. It's the weird angle and no room to grip the wrench. Also no room for the screwdriver / hammer method. I can reach all the other unions in the tub except this one, but the exit pump union, can not get a grip on the pump union. I was thinking of trying cutting, drumell tool, hack saw, but don't want to damage threads on the pump, since I will need to tighten the new ring.....but can't get angle to tighten..... Did you replace the O-ring and fix the leak?
  2. Thanks.....I am looking for a wrench on that style. However, the Pump Union diameter is larger than this wrench can handle...I think it said, Only 2 1/2 inches. This Pump Union is in an odd location, surrounded by obstacles......Murphy's Law. I wish there was a Plastic Seal or Sealant of some kind. It's the Gate Valve that has the small crack, about 1/4 inch. I would bypass the valve if I could. But can't do any repair unless I loosen the Pump Union to remove Gate and Couplers. My last resort might be to chisel the Union off. But I would have the same problem when I try to tighten the new one with wrench.
  3. Thanks.....I've tried this wrench and another Union wrench. PROBLEM: There is NOT enough space to get a hand grip to un-spin. They provided very little space to access. I need something like a ratchet type of wrench. The tub blocks from the top and left. Hose blocks from the right. And the pump motor / mount surface blocks from the bottom. I can access from straight in, but no room to spin. With a ratchet type wrench, I might be able to spin it / loosen it. All the other pump unions.....There's room to access. But this one.....yuckie.
  4. Thanks for the help.....I finally fixed the Manifold fix.....Not Great fix but came out OK. See Manifold Pic. Now, I really need help.....I found the other leak. When Pump is running.....Gate Valve leaks around the Gate Valve edge. I can't get a GOOD grip with the Pump Union Pliers on the Pump Union to loosen, tight space, so I can rebuild this Gate Valve section. The leak is around the edge of the Gate Valve.....see pics. Is there a quick fix available.....ie: Plast-aid, Epoxy, etc? I appreciate any and all the help. Thank you.
  5. Looks like the repair I will need the following items: I have search and searched and can not find these parts online. I prefer to buy the parts in person to be certain they match what I need. When searching online, they only have 2" manifolds with smooth barbs. I need the ribbed barbs. Does anyone know of an Online Store that takes phone calls to order? Thanks... Items needed..... 1 1/2" Manifold with 4 barbs repair kit, with hose & clamp attachments Christy Primer & Glue 1 1/2" Coupler 1 1/2" PVC Pipe (6 inch) 1 1/2 -> 1" Reducer
  6. I think I finally found the leak. It's a drip, drip, drip. It's in the joint/socket where the small hose goes into the Manifold. I was thinking of using some J-D Weld MarineWeld for starters, just to see it this is the main leak and no others. When I lower the water level below the Manifold.....No leak, but tub not running either. Of course, the permanent repair would be to replace the Manifold and all connections. Doesn't seem like a big job (erector set), but mostly time consuming. Does this seem like the way to tackle this leak or is there a better way? Thanks...
  7. Thanks....I can't locate the exact leak location.....I thought I read somewhere with the pumping running or not running, would eliminate possible leak locations. So if it leaks from the pump either way.....I will refill the tub. But only refill about a 1/3 at a time. Might help locate the height of the possible leak, if it's in a jet. If it's in the pump.....then get a new one or replace the seal. At least I can locate the exact location. The tube has been covered and inside and minimum usage. I have drained (maintenance) it more times than used it. So it's worth whatever I have to do to fix. But finding the leak......seems to be the biggest headache. Thanks...
  8. Help.....I have a Leisure Bay S3 Hot tub (3 seater). Never had a leak before. Tub is about 15 years old. Drained and cleaned tub. Now it leaks. Opened up one side and can see water in the bottom. Wipe / soak up water with towel. It leaks when NO POWER is applied, powered OFF. It leaks when PUMP or Power is applied on. Can anyone assist or clue me in on where to look? Do NOT currently have access to the CONTROL - PUMP side, it's against the wall. It's on a screened porch, so will have to drain and slide out for all 4 access panels. Is it PUMP related it powered OFF? Is it in the tubing or lines? Can anyone assist? Thank you very much.
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