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  1. I have a 2018 Sundance 680 Series Peyton hot tub/spa. it has a leak somewhere in the lower part. I can partially fill and eventually water starts coming out onto the concrete. The challenge is the entire bottom appears wet as I started removing some insulation. any tricks to to using food dye or some other trick? I am contemplating removing all insulation from the bottom 4-6 inches until I find some wet insulation. pump and heater connections are dry. I am feeling very overwhelmed as I am unsure where to start. attached is a photo of the level where it usually stops but I think it may be a hose and not necessarily a jet. I will work to expose the lower jets from the back but so far they are all dry. any tips to help this project would be greatly appreciated.
  2. We recently acquired a house with a 2018 Sundance Peyton hot tub. breaker was found to be inoperable and replaced. This resulted in hot tub functioning. motor or pump (suspect the pump) has started making a grinding noise. Removed the panel to find a few things: - white crystal stuff on pump - pump spitting small amounts of water through holes - small water dripping out of bottom of pump when switched off - grinding noise of pump find a video attached which I hope is helpful in identifying my root causes as well as how to resolve them. this is our first hot tub ownership experience and hope to get this resolved asap IMG_0378.MOV
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