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  1. it worked!! One jet near the filter was turned off. Once I opened it, it started to drain. Thanks so much! Wish I could buy you a drink!
  2. Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely take a look at that tonight.
  3. We have a 1 year old Highland Spa (balboa pumps x 2 and waterways pressurized filtration system). Recently I’ve noticed water is not being cleared from inside the filter compartment. The filter and pumps are operating fine and the is no leakage from the pressurized filter system. The water which is accumulating is from splashed water or other outside water which enter the exterior filter compartment (underneath the circular filter cap which has 2 built in cup holders. Previously I would periodically hear a “gurgling” sound as the standing water would be purged from this area. But I no longer hear that familiar sound and suspect the drainage system is blocked or otherwise nonfunctional. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will try to attach a photo of the area I’m referring to.
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