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  1. Ok so I switched the black wires for the bower and the circ pump added a jumper to the pressure switch and started it up. When I first turned on The breaker A red light came on for the heater indicator light. Then water began to flow from the outlet hose from the heater for a brief minute then it stopped. The jets worked and but the heater did not continue work. I have tk pick up a voltage meter today to text the fuse. I will be send more photos so you have a better idea of what’s going on. Thank you
  2. Nope, I have to take some of the credit. The previous told me it needed a new “program board” and showed me this picture that I will upload here. So I had a guy come install it he charged me an arm and a leg. The seal in the back of the heater had a crack in it so it was leaking water out of the back of it so I ordered and installed another one. I only installed the wires for the new heater. The breakers where constantly tripping due the incorrect wiring on my part. Attached below is the original board that came with the spa that the original Kerner said I needed to replace.
  3. Lol yes very inexperienced. Just bought my first home and the jacuzzi came with. Lol
  4. I did what you said and I got the jets to turn on and not trip but now the heater isn’t heating the water. Then jets are turning on strong and blowing well but the water isn’t coming out of the jets hot at all. It’s just blowing the cold water. Hears a pic of the board now. Let me know if you have any suggestions. thank you. IMG_2331.MOV
  5. Couldn’t have done this with out your help thank you IMG_2321.MOV
  6. Ok so I’ve disconnect the h2 wire from where I had it originally. After attempting to start it now when I press the button to turn on the jets only the 30 amp circuit breaker trips. I’m making progress but I’m not there yet. Any suggestions?
  7. I will switch the white wire and in the morning when I have more light and try and follow this diagram exactly. thank you very much
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