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  1. First off, I appreciate everyone's input, it's been very helpful. Since filtration is one of my primary concerns I wondered how wood burning hot tubs deal with filtration. So I called a manufacturer this morning and talked to them about it. What I was told with the wood burning hot tubs you'd want to drain them and refill them weekly. Since we don't have easy access to water that rules out those types of hot tubs. I think my only realistic option would have been an Aquarest 300. I spoke to an owner of one and he said it runs for about 3 hours a day during the summer and 12 hours a day during the winter. I don't think my solar system would be able to run that during the winter. The other consideration is the long heat up time, which is 15-hours plus. So for our limited use and resource this just isn't going to work. But it was totally worth investigating and I learned a lot on the way.
  2. We have a 300-gal propane tank but it might be a little too far of a run (50') from where the hot tub would be setup. I didn't know they made propane hot tubs.
  3. You're right and I think that might be one of the drawbacks to doing this. Even if I did turn it off it would take too long to heat up. I think my only possible option is like the AquaRest 300 that is a 2-person 160 gals. Still have more research to do.
  4. We're at around 2,100' in elevation, we rarely get freezing temps for more that 12 hours, but it is something to consider. How do you think people with wood burning hot tubs contend with the water when not in use? I think they need to be kept filled to prevent the wood from drying and cracking. Obviously there's no circulation and I don't even know if you can use chemicals in those.
  5. We own a piece of rural property in the mountains, which is completely off grid. We have a new trailer on the property with solar panels, 500-amps of lithium batteries as well as a large generator. The trailer is permanently set in its location. We're thinking about putting a hot tub close to the trailer but have some considerations to contend with. Hopefully some experienced folks can help shed some light on what's doable and what's not. 1. We're looking at a 3-4 person hot tub that would run at 20-amp / 110-volts. It would be plugged into our generator, which has 20-amp outlets. I understand these types of hot tubs come with roughly a 12' power cable, but our generator is about 35' away from where we'd setup the hot tub. From what I gather you're not supposed to use an extension cord, however we'd have to anyway. I can get a 25' 12-awg/3 extension cord, would that work for that long of a run? 2. Since the hot tub would be off when we're not there, which is every couple of weeks I'm concerned about water filtration. I could add a pond pump to the hot tub and connect that to the trailer to run 24/7 as those are low wattage. Would that circulation prevent the water from being stagnant? Obviously I can run the hot tub's filter when we're there. 3. Based on our situation and you can even say limited use, what would be realistic water change intervals? 4. How long should we expect a hot tub based one what I've described here to heat up? Thanks in advance for any input I can get.
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