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  1. My HotSpot Relay has decided to cause me a new headache with one of the pumps simply not working and just making a loud humming noise when switching to the setting that would normally turn it on. Pressing the Jet button for the Tempo & Relay changes the jet pump functions, depending on the number of presses: 1st press - Two-speed jet pump runs on low speed - WORKS FINE AS EXPECTED 2nd press - Two-speed jet pump runs on high speed - WORKS FINE AS EXPECTED 3rd press - One and Two-speed jet pumps run on high speed - I NOW JUST GET A LOUD HUMMING NOISE COMING FROM ONE OF THE JET PUMPS 4th press - One-speed jet pump runs on high speed - AS ABOVE 5th press - Both jet pumps are off - This still works It appears to be jet pump 2. The hot tub has been running perfectly fine, used weekly, wondered whether it could be the capacitor, on the pump that appears to be playing up but I've tried changing this and no luck. Any other thoughts welcomed. The only additional comment to make was we seemed to have a local power issue, the day before it happened, this was more like a surge than a power cut, in our village, house alarms going off etc - could this have affected the pump (why I thought maybe the capacitor)? Or just a coincidence? Power does seem to still get to the pump it's just not doing it's job!
  2. Apologies for the late reply, tbh literally forgot after figuring it out, our kids are told not to touch the control levers and it was as simple as that, the back control levers had been closed (A). Though some one has definitely got it in for me as I definitely now do have an issue, jet pump 2 apparently not working! Will start a new post for this, thank you for your replies.
  3. Recently noticed an issue with our Hot Spot 'Relay' Hot Tub. Everything appears to be working fine apart from one specific set of jets which barely seem to be working, the rest of the jets are fine, it's just the small directional precision jets (E) on the left hand side highlighted in the photo. The hydromassage jet below these works fine and the same jets opposite are working perfectly. I've tried switching off the tub, leaving and turning back on, running through the jet cycle a few times. Just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar and can advise on possible reasoning and solutions, thanks very much.
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