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  1. City water, but that has never effected anything in the home. We do have hard water but never seen anything like this. I’m going to take the spa pillows out, but I don’t see them gooey or deteriorating. I will try the Ahh-Some, and as for the pump there isn’t any leakage. Thank You for your response. I will keep you posted and hopefully I can get to the bottom of this. Can the diverters be an issue? I would figure that if they were the cause it would of been very minimal since the O-rings are small.
  2. I’ve had my spa for about 4 years that I bought at Homedepot online. It’s an American Spa, but there is a black tar substance that has been sticking above the waterline. It’s not mold nor any chemical imbalance. The water is clean and balanced. I have drained and clean spa several times already. I’ve also changed filter. I just recently checked the O Rings that are on each side of the heater tube and those are white and in good condition. My motor is not leaking so it can’t be the rings. Anyone had this issue and if so what is it??
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