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  1. Hmmmm….that’s possible I suppose. I just see nothing in the manual stating it will do this. I appreciate the info. I should probably put it in a different mode and see if I get the same results. Thanks, Muskie
  2. I have a Dream Maker X400 which seems to run fine. The only issue I have is it will turn on and run approx 15 seconds every hour or so, then shut off. It’s not an issue where it’s keeping the water temp at the correct setting because in Florida the water is often warmer than the temp setting. It correctly cycles the water for 2 hours automatically twice a day like it’s supposed to on F2, but additionally it frequently turns on for only seconds many times throughout the day. I keep the setting in ST (standard mode). Has anyone else had an issue where the low speed pump frequently turns on, then turns off only seconds later, many times a day? Any idea what the issue may be? Thanks all, Muskie
  3. I have a Dream maker x400 that seems to run fine... EXCEPT every hour or so the pump will turn on to low speed,run about 30 seconds then turn off. This is a daily occurrence. It doesn’t seem to be a water temperature issue. Any idea what the problem could be? Thanks, Muskie
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