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  1. So I just received my new waterway pump replacement for my indoor hot tub. I purchased a model with “2” intake and 2” discharge” but when I went to hook the pump up…it wasn’t 2” at all. In fact none of the 2” pvc fittings fit on it at all they are too small, nor did the 3” pvc fittings which were all too big. what gives?! Did a buy a pump from a company that made a mistake or ate pool pump plumbing fixtures measured differently than the rest of the worlds plumbing? (That would be pretty dumb if that were the case) regardless does anyone know where I can get a converter piece for my 2” pool pump measurement to a 2” pvc?
  2. Yea, when I called Hayward the girl was young and clearly just an operator at a call center with zero knowledge. The pump WAS working, but leaking at the seal which I found out is common. So I changed the seal, but when I put it back together the pump started smoking and electricity was arcing. Now I can’t confidently use the pump.
  3. I need to figure out an acceptable replacement pump for my Hayward Power Flo LX from the early 90s. I’ve spoken too Hayward, PDC spas (the maker of my hot tub) and several local Pool & Spa businesses and no one can give me a straight answer… The problem is that my Hayward Power Flo LX is a 2hp / 230volt model, and seems to have been a very rarely used pump even 30 years ago. It would be great if I could find this exact pump to replace my busted one…but if thats not possible I need to fid a suitable replacement. Picture of the pump label attached Would a replacement just have to be the same voltage (230 volt) horse power, and rpm? Or are there other considerations? Can anyone give me any advice or point me to pump that will work in it’s stead? I would really appreciate the help, I’ve really been struggling to figure this out. Thanks very much.
  4. We just bought a home back in March, and it has a indoor hot tub room with a dated hot tub, but it’s imbedded in a beautiful custom tile inclosure. the old hot tub has some issues, it’s a pdc spa from the late 80s / early 90s. I’ve been trying to get it up and running but it’s 1 step forward & 2 steps back. id like to explore replacing the existing hot tub with a new model, but insert it into the same space. The hot tub is 80” x 80” at the outside edge. where would I start looking for a replacement hot tub like that? Everything I’ve seen online seems like free standing hot tubs, I want one that will fit into my existing space. I’d be comfortable installing and setting it up myself, I just need to find the right hot tub. Any direction would be appreciated
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