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  1. Thanks, all it was showing is the internal impeller within the pump and the bearing/shaft it was on had some play in it, moved around quite a bit, was wondering if it would be worth trying to get it fixed, however appears access to the area behind the pump may be tricky.
  2. HI All, I have installed the new circ pump, as pictured the old one i have pulled apart, is the impeller meant to be as loose as pictures and in video? Was thinking could get it rebuilt (magnetic bearing) Thanks! Video.mov
  3. Thanks Surf! Anyone know where i can get this filter part from? one is broken as seen below.
  4. Update 2: The circulation pump does switch on but I have to move one end of the pump up (end with no tubes) once its in that position the flo switch closes and the circ pump starts. I have wedged a small ceramic non combustible item under it, the bracket the circulation pump goes into appears to be not fit for the pump installed or it has been moved?
  5. Hi all, Just an update, filters were removed all FLO error disappeared. When heating to 37 degrees celcius top temp on this spa is 40, the FLO error did not appear, however this morning when I went out and set to 38 I heard the Circulation pump kick over and within 5 seconds it stopped and FLO appeared, potentially a faulty pump? Will short out FLO switch and close it to see if that makes it kick over as Canadian suggested, if it does work then would suggest the FLO switch is causing the error past a set temperature and not the pump.
  6. Thanks a lot SpaTech! I am an electrician so will do that to see if there is flo/circulation pump is working. From my experience with motors it does sound as is the circulation pump cannot prime/get flo initially on turning the spa on at the main switch/circuit breaker. If it is a faulty circulation pump I have heard you can get some new model circ pumps for my J355 that don't need the anti freeze return line as below, any recommendations regarding that model? I will report back with an update later. Thanks again! Genuine ITT Laing E10 Spa Circ Pump https://www.spastore.com.au/genuine-itt-laing-e10-.07kw-spa-circ-pump?gclid=CjwKCAjw7vuUBhBUEiwAEdu2pI4glJ0adGYPfbpju5uk7ADYln4s50-NXxlx8DfCCPh6YBseePYswRoCiJkQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  7. Thanks a lot! I did not know they have to be done that often! I have removed them and still have the clean filter error, any idea if running a cleaning solution through could fix the issue or will likely need to break down the lines and find out what is causing a blockage? if not what has burned out and causing the FLO issue..
  8. Hi, I did remove the filters and put new ones in about 4 months ago, I kept the caps on top of them, the change filter warning did not go away, I removed the filters then it did, replaced them without the little caps on top and it seemed to be ok for a while. I was going to run a cleaning solution through the spas system? may be clogged up, also give the filters another clean.
  9. Hi All, I hope you are well, just wondering what the likely issue is for my 2005 J355 Jacuzzi, i have an intermitted FLO error, I have checked there is no air lock and it doesn't appear that the circulation pump is working, it is making a humming noise and when working sounds fine. Some photos and video attached, I have heard upgrading the circ pump and deleting anti freeze return line should sort it out? Thanks in advance! Ben 1624921021_spa3.mov
  10. Hi all, One of the fittings as pictured with water coming out has snapped internally (barbed area inside the hose) however I am not sure what it’s replacement part is? Any help would be great. I was getting a FLO error and I found the barb inside the line pictures which is seen to be detacted from Circulation pump plumbing has snapped off and impacting flo. Any ideas on where I can get it would be great, appears to be threaded and then barb on one end. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, One of the fittings as pictured with water coming out has snapped internally (barbed area inside the hose) however I am not sure what it’s replacement part is? Any help would be great.
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