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  1. See where the wires go into the pump? on the end of that side of the motor, right in the center there will be a dust cap
  2. great idea! now I need to find someone that has those capabilities. Thank you for that idea as my search is coming up dry. This might be my only option!
  3. On my Marquis, in standard mode, the pump turns on for 2 minutes every half hour to check the water. If heat is needed, it will heat the water, if not it turns back off. Maybe this is what you are experiencing?
  4. Looking for a battery cover for an older Marquis/Balboa remote. Remote looks like the one attached. Please let me know if you have one!
  5. Trying to figure out how to remove one of the air control valves on my 2008 Marquis Destiny. Does it just pop out the topside or do I have to unscrew it from under?
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