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  1. Softub 220, there is one jet that always has air coming out when jet's are on, it's the first one to the left with my back facing the pump/motor unit. Now it seems to be coming out of the next jet too. This started 6 months after it was new in 2013. The dealer came by once and tightened under the lever, but it didn't do anything much. - Any ideas? - Can someone remind me how to remove the jet air control lever, does that just wedge off straight up with a screw driver? Also my tub is leaking more. Its not the motor unit, its definitely the tub. It used to need 2 inches a week, now it needs 3 inches every 4 days. - Could that be related to the air coming in to the system? - I'm waiting for new jet gasket seals, the original silicone seals are definitely degrading, hopefully it's just leaking at those seals Thanks! Alan
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