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  1. @Cusser it is 100% sodium hydrogen carbonate.
  2. My son accidentally dumped two large bags of fine powder “Alkinlinity Increaser” in our spa. It left a thick white covering over everything. The jets wouldn’t turn well. It was awful. The filter was was caked in the filter creases with white milky goo. I drained it,cleaned everything and wiped it down well, removed all the jets and cleaned them, changed the filters, etc.. I then refilled it, ran a spa flush for 24 hours, drained it, wiped down and cleaned everything again. I just refilled it, tested the water and it looked clear enough. I added appropriate chemicals to balance. Looked clear. Sat in it and it was covered in the thin white dust! I wiped it down while in it and then the filtered filled with white goo and the water is cloudy, jets are covered and hard to turn! please help - anyone have any ideas on how to get this stuff completely out??
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