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  1. I really like the layout of the Envoy (and possibly the larger Prism), but I am unsure about running it as a salt system. With the exception of most Hot Spring dealers / Hot Spring YouTube personalities, it seems most sales people and web discussions are quite negative on salt vs. chlorine/bromine. In speaking with one of the two HS dealers in my area, one is all salt no exception but the other says I can run the Envoy on chlorine/bromine just the same. Is is a mistake to get a HS spa and not run it on the salt system that is already built in? I'm looking for ease of maintenance, and wonder if just using the frog @ease or some additives like Aquafiness or Spa Marvel enzymes will help with sanitization/softness/water quality in chlorine/bromine systems. Thx
  2. Thanks ratchett, You may be right and not having the wireless connection may not be a deal killer. I really like the Envoy layout, and was also looking at the Prism as I like the idea of the slightly larger spa, but I'm concerned about the wood framing and no plastic pan in the Limelight series (I'm in S Florida) where the Highlife is all composite/plastic with a pan.
  3. I am looking at the A Series (8L or 8D) and it seems the interior lighting on this series is pretty weak/scarce. My spa will be located on a roof deck and there is not a lot of other lighting on the deck or above the spa which is open to the sky. Compared to some Hot Spring and other competitor spas that seem to fully light the interior, I'm concerned I might be sitting in the dark and not be able to see other people or even the seating in the spa. Thx
  4. I'm considering the purchase of an Envoy, and was surprised that my dealer told me there is no phone based app or way to control the spa remotely (other than the remote control when you are at/in the spa). I found some references on the web about an app called "Connextion" but it seems that may be obsolete at this point. With a price point in the high teens, not being able to adjust a temp or have other control & monitoring until I am in front of the hot tub may be a deal killer on an otherwise fantastic spa. Am I missing any workarounds / third party apps or is this just not going to happen? Thx
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