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  1. Ya the only thing I'm worried about is the cold joint and water leaking through it and thats exactly what want to do
  2. Have a gunite in ground pool, just one full side from deep end to shallow end has settled 2”. Question can this be leveled with foam rising and if so who (around Waco TX) can I cut the high side (think it’s called the beam) around top of tiles and redo tiles and coping or raise the beam around the tile under coping. I know why it settled and corrected the water drainage problem and it hasn’t moved in three yrs since fixing drainage
  3. So what was the out come and what did you do. I'm going through the same thing but mine is 2" along one side from shallow to deep and I know exactly why mine settled because of crappy drainage and LOTS of standing water, pool was fine and we had HEAVY RAIN AFTER HEAVY RAIN for about 3 months and this is when it settled and hasn't moved since and added drainage very soon after this happen, concrete patio and gutters (no more standing water-proper runoff) I'm thinking of one of two things. Adding to the coping beam, raising that side and what I'd prefer but worried about cold joint or cutting the high side down.
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