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  1. I don't know your spa or testing system, but with very high levels of chlorine it is not uncommon for those high levels to bleach out colors used in testing. I'd bet a month's pay that's what's causing your dip strip to show "LOW". Ignore this result and if you need to know chlorine levels dilute your sample, maybe by a factor of 5 or 10, and retest with your liquid test kit, multiplying the result by 5 or 10.
  2. I'm going through a little bit of a learning curve with my new spa, after 25 years we had to replace our old one. It didn't owe us anything. Said new spa came with an Ecopur mineral filter inside the pleated paper filter, and it said not to use Bromine with it. I think Ecopur uses Cu and Zn for mineral disinfection. I balked at replacing it with an Ecopur and instead purchased an inexpensive mineral sanitizer from eBay that I think is a copy of Nature2 (see attached photo). It's got some resin beads inside which I presume are impregnated with silver and/or Copper, and has worked well with the low (1-2ppm) chlorine levels I've been maintaining. I've had no clarity issues. It comes from China (I hate that, but the Nature2 probably does as well, probably from the same manufacturer). I've not been able to find information about this product to be able to determine if I can switch back to Bromine with it, and I never understood why the Ecopur was not supposed to be used with Bromine in the first place. Does anyone have any insight into this? TIA Sid
  3. I can barely enter my spa when it's 104F, I can't believe anyone would purposely make one hotter.....
  4. To drop pH I add Muriatic acid (diluted about 1:3 in water). An ounce can drop the pH in my 240gal spa >1pH point. The major difference between what I do and what you do is that I retest pH about 15-20 minutes after adding the acid, and continue adding as needed, adjusting amounts added as I get closer to my final desired reading. I rarely use a full ounce, usually I'm just trying to drop the pH from ~7.8 to ~7.4. I always adjust TA first, then pH.
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