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  1. Just replaced the board and matched all the dip switches. Had to pull one cable off the board and the two heater tabs and transfer them over.
  2. Board fixed it. Was a little nervous when "Pr" was on the display when I fired it up since normally it just kicks on instantly when the breaker is flipped. But by the time I read that was code for priming mode (for 4 minutes), I went back out and it was running. Hopefully it keeps on rocking at I'm about to build a new deck around it.
  3. Replaced both relays, still the same issue. 😫
  4. True. And after all my testing it appears the relay is remaining open as no power is going past the first one (I do have power coming into it since I repaired the bad spot). So new relays are on the way
  5. Looks like the board is shot due to relay failure (burnt spot is connected to a heater relay). This tub is getting expensive to maintain.
  6. In test mode, I noticed the display eventually says: Standard, Old, Temp, and Text. Does that mean anything? I posted a video of an odd sound coming from the board when in test mode. But does not does not make this sound in operating mode. 1379065818_VideoMay1752012PM.mov
  7. I should specify, when I said "about" I was referring to what the resistance should be reading for the water temp. Both temp sensors read exactly 29.5k so there is no variance between the two. Since I had my meter out, I decided to test the heater again. And today, I can not get an accurate reading on it. The terminals have a bit of rust on them, but even after cleaning, the reading jumps for a second then goes to 0 and won't move. So maybe the heater is the culprit. Other than a couple of clicks, no pumps try to run after start up. Unplugging the pumps and heater, I still hear these same "clicks" so I know it's not one of those items trying to come on but could be a relay.
  8. So I decided to put the tub into test mode to see what happens. It has 3 clicks inside the panel somewhere, then goes through the same start up on the display but now reads OHH. After taking out of test mode it still says OHH (in place of HOt) even though the water temp is 75F. I'm not afraid to replace some parts but not sure what the next step would be since the temp sensors and heater both seem to be showing about the right resistance (from what I have read but could be wrong). So may replace them anyway? Replace the relays?
  9. Replaced the wire with one that is solid but it didn't change anything. I should note that the wire looked like that a last year (picture on my phone from that time confirmed) when everything was working. But it was corroded and has a few loose strands so replaced just to be safe. I should also note that I unplugged both pumps for testing but still see the same results.
  10. Was finally able to get access inside the panel today. Display sequence is: not sure what it says at first because my breaker is about 10 feet away so I will start with what I can see: 100 114 21 240 HOt All fuses test out fine. Both temp sensors test at about 22K ohm. Heater reads 10 ohm. Only thing that looks odd in the box is one wire that is connecting 2 "relay" looking things is corroded and brittle. See attachments of the board and schematics. Open to input.
  11. Pump does not turn on. According to the manual, that code is for when the pump won't stop running. Temp sensor has never been replaced so I could see that as a potential issue (especially with the water in our district). Normally to diagnose issues like this (how I found out it needed a new pump last year), I just start unplugging things to bypass the faulty circuit. But my tub has a giant step that has to be lifted out of the way to gain access to the panel which is a 2 person job. Will report back with what I find once I can get a hand to get access to the panel.
  12. As title says, display says HOt but the water is not hot. I have reset the breaker but still will not do anything. Water temp is cold. Main pump was replaced about 3 months ago and has been working fine until the other day (breaker was tripped). This tub is 15+ years old so was happy the pump lasted that long (replaced with same brand). When I flip the breaker on the display shows it going through the checklist and then ends on HOt and stays there. And suggestions on how to correct this?
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