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  1. What kind of sealer would you use to seal the cap? That Quick Drain seems great!
  2. @dashmer, added a pic now, sorry. You can see the cap/valve goes over the hose, the leak comes out from inside that cap along the bottom of the hose
  3. My 2015 Beachcomber has been leaking, seems to be coming from the drain hose (and hopefully nowhere else). It seems to be a crack or hole where the valve goes over the hose. Any Ideas on how to remove the valve without cutting the hose? Main reason for not cutting the hose would be that I can only do that so many times before have to replace the hose, or seal the hose and then just buy a sump pump. @nd question, if I did decide to seal up the hose, whats the best way to do that? Can you get a different cap for the drain part of the hot tub? or do I just open the valve and fill it with sealer?
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