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  1. Took the pump out - no burnt wires at all The impeller turns freely too. Re-fitted it back to the hot tub and same thing happens and the fuse blows - not sure what else it could be? I wonder if i can take the pump somewhere to be checked?
  2. There are no burnt wires in the box, I wonder if the capacitor needs replacing - but would that necessarily blow the fuse if it stops working? I'll take the motor out and give it good look over the next few days
  3. Great - I think there is another one on the other side. I'll take the pump out and give it a clean - i wonder if there is something blocking the impeller? Do these normally have an in-line filter? To check its working OK, can these be fixed to a 240v supply directly?
  4. Getting somewhere I think I disconnected the pump and now the electrics remain on and the fuse doesn't blow - so it must be the pump that's the issue. Could it be blocked etc...? Are they easy to take off and clean? Can someone explain what this 'handle' is for - is it a valve for the pump?
  5. Yes I am in the UK. Its not hardwired to the house electrics; ie it doesn't take a direct line from the consumer unit with RCD The Spa comes with a three point plug and plugs into the mouse mains. Its the fuse in the plug (5A) which blows each time
  6. Tried this and i get the same result - the lights come on the control panel and then it suddenly clicks off and the fuse is blown. What else could it be...?
  7. Here are the pictures of the circuit boar, cover and the heater
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353091880510?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item5235ea863e:g:gAIAAOSw5~dgk7Tl&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAAA4KvYeeA%2FLGTSS8%2FREJMKFp2vp%2Bh6HTnX6UvgYFd5NcsE2Qsc0ByxxYoShP%2BjkGdr91aKVHaEeG4svoNzlOIwqPAp4OsfaadsruBpVDqpwyLSXNZUogjUB9%2BEGf3k%2BryV8kkMOYNFrzkyDflgpH9vIe%2FbDEM1HuroiqRJfD4q64FUkq%2FaRQjOX1U9xJo1Kba7MszNJIjbrWry%2BHXDl0zOIU4W%2F1uvE1hc7erz6zsmcDJQSAdgq6keQfIFczN3px3%2FbYAW9E2h1GZ4QoAYuf%2BLIFcB0JLMKZf4r75L0lt%2BGvPG|tkp%3ABFBMsuG9z5Bg similar to this one
  9. Its not an inflatable one - its a rigid sided 5 man design. I've taken the sides off, but nothing obvious out of place or damaged.
  10. We bought our Miami Whirlpool Spa about 2 years ago and have had no issues with it. Water is changed regularly and it is in regular use. It's not hard wired into the house electrics and is powered by its plug which has a 3A fuse The hot tub suddenly switched itself off a few days ago and I noticed the 3A fuse and the surrounding plug had melted. I have changed the plug, but now the hot tub will not switch on and just blows the fuse again each time i try and switch it on. The lights come on the control panel and then it suddenly clicks off - any suggestions....?
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