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  1. Hey there, My D1 Amore bay 2010 was missing the mesh screen below the filter. The part is no longer manufactured...so I made it from the hardware store. Everything worked great as previously my circulation pump was tripping...made the mesh, circ pump good to go! Yesterday the breaker started tripping again and I tested all of the plugs...it's the circ pump and now my mesh is missing ...yikes! How do I find the mesh filter sucked in my my filter pipe thingy? Should I drain and wet vac? THANKS!!!
  2. Would you put money into an 12 year old Amore Bay (Dimension One) or would you trade in and buy an entry-level 220? Budget is top of mind. We don't need 60 jets and a millions pumps. We want a simple decent quality tub...no bells and whistles (to break). What would you do? Thanks!
  3. Hey there, Bought house with a Dimension One Amore Bay hot tub. My husband wants it gone! I want to keep is so we hired a person to open it (was winterized) and teach me. The control panel (Topside panel) is not coming on. There is also no heat or jets. iWatch light is red. We are not ready to put a lot of money into this thing but I really want to try to get it going and convince the hubby that we should keep it. Any idea what it could be? Could a cheap fuse be the issue (wishful thinking) or am I looking at a full control panel or more? We are in Canada and so parts are few and EXPENSIVE! Thoughts? Thanks so much!
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