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  1. What I have found works best for us is to shut it off when we go to bed at night. It is located outside our bedroom and listening to it "hum" when it runs is annoying. Right now we are running it at 98 and it's at 95 when we get in at about 7pm which is perfect for us, we like the water to warm up as we are in it. Maybe someday I will take the time to program it as suggested above but until then this is working perfectly for us. Once it gets about 90 outside we will shut the temp off for the rest of the summer, not a fan of sweating in the water Temps run between 90-105ish from July-September here and sometimes later.
  2. We are first time tub owners but have had pools for almost 30 years. What I'm wondering is when you are finished using it for the day do you leave it on the temp you want to use it at while not in use or do you turn it down a certain amount and then turm it back up a hour or two before you want to use it again. Our tub is a Sundance Marin 880 5 person. It heated the water from 56 to 100 in about 5-6 hours.
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