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  1. if you go back and read my post I’ve already done that Furthermore the tub didn’t sit with water in it the pump was replaced immediately
  2. One of our tubs pumps went out and the dealer replaced the pump under warranty. A few weeks go by and I started Black dots at the waterline on the shell. Pull the filters same thing. When trying to wipe off this black it would just smudge and I would have to use a good amount of pressure to wipe it off the shell. Figured it was some sort of contamination I dump the water and refilled. Almost immediately the black spots reappeared but even worse on the filters. I purged with ahh-some. Bleached the entire shell and cover, rinsed very well, Refilled and super chlorinated the water. Allowed the water to circulate for 45 minutes at 20+ ppm then dumped the water again and put in brand new filters. I balanced the water and went back to chlorine as I never had these sort of issue with it. I also hit it with an enzyme and MPS ( 2ounces ) after I balanced. Now each morning I come out I find a bit of yellow/orange slime on the shell. ( did not take a picture) My suspicion is that the techs used a pump that was contaminated and allowed mold to form. But I also have zero experience with mold so I cannot confirm this is the issue. photo of water below is from when it was being Super chlorinated. Filter picture is after I allowed them to dry out in the sun. Any thoughts?
  3. Thank you very much! That was a lot of information I did not know
  4. The reading I posted is directly from Leslies Pool store. I was doubting my Taylor drop test key due to the high bromine so I had them test.
  5. I Recently started using bromine in my tub and I’m having an issue keeping the Alkalinity in range between 80-120ppm. This is my second fill with Bromine after using Chlorine for a year and a half. I never had this issue when using Chlorine. Little background on the tub. 400 gallon,city water, ozone, circulation pump. Fresh fill with new filters, bromine salt to build the base, 2 oz MPS, 2 bromine tabs in floater. procedure was after the Water fill. I used dry acid to bring down the pH to 7.6. ( 4 ounces in total ) I then added the bromine salt, the MPS, and the floater. Ph then shot up to over 8.0 added another 3 ounces and then decided to take in a water sample to the pool store currently the reading are: 8.0 ph, 62 Alk, Calcium 158, Bromine is 8.42 Now I’ve read in this form that keeping alkalinity between 50 to 60 is not a problem. However of course everything were taught says the alkalinity should stay between 80 and 120. what’s your thoughts on my next steps bring the pH down and not worry about the alkalinity? or fight the alkalinity and pH to get them in traditional ranges?
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