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  1. Thanks for the replies. I think the biggest thing is just the overall lack and complete disregard for customer respect. The person that called was simply the scheduler for delivery and I get it he can’t make that call to change their “policy“ but it was the next guy and self titled manager who was a complete jerk wad. I won’t repeat everything that came out of his mouth but it was unfathomable in my 42 years of walking this earth that I would ever be spoken to by someone the way he did. The way things stand right now he refuses delivery I said cancel the order he of course says there’s no refunds. Reading carefully through the contract nowhere does it say that I have to pay 100% before delivery nor does it mention no canceled orders allowed. Thankfully on my end I put the 50% down on our Citi Visa card and after calling them they 100% are in agreement on my side and are back charging the dealer and have given me a credit so big kudos to them. It’s really unfortunate as we have been waiting eight months for this delivery but if they treat me this way before the deal was closed, I can’t imagine it will be better after they have the money. I have never left a negative review on Google or social media but this one might be my first. I guess back to shopping we go if not a Hot Spring maybe Sundance?
  2. We put 50% down and ordered a Hot Springs spa last August it has come in for delivery and the hot tub dealer is asking for 100% paid in full (the other 50%) before they will deliver. I balked at this and said I would be willing to pay everything but hold back $1000(85% pif) be given to them day of delivery after everything is hooked up and insured everything is functional. This raised holy hell on the dealers end and he is calling me very unreasonable this is not the industry standard. etc. etc. Obviously this is not the type of response I expected with what I consider to be a very reasonable request and raises some serious red flags about us continuing with this purchase. I too am a business owner and never would I expect customers to pay for 100% of a product or service not yet performed or delivered until it is. I am about ready to walk out on the deal and then will have to fight him for a return of the 50% already down paid but I’m curious what you all think. Is it truly industry standards require 100% paid in full before delivery? I really do consider myself to be a reasonable person but the inflammatory response by this dealer right off the bat has really put a sour taste on this whole experience unfortunately.
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